A Complete Transportation Network

Communities in Motion 2050 plans for a complete transportation network that is designed to serve all users, including pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, motorists, and freight haulers.

It does not reflect a “one size fits all” transportation system; instead, it plans for a dynamic network that serves the unique needs of different users based on varying locations, land uses, potential destinations, and other parallel routes.

Complete Network Policy

The COMPASS Complete Network Policy provides the backbone for planning for a complete network by establishing a regional, multimodal, integrated vision for Treasure Valley transportation corridors.

Its principles and policy direction are woven throughout Communities in Motion 2050 and provide a platform to identify and prioritize transportation infrastructure investments to best meet plan goals and serve all transportation users in a way that is safe and convenient while supporting economic vitality and high quality of life.

Complete Network Map

map reflecting the Complete Network Policy

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