Communities in Motion 2050 Vision for Growth and Transportation

To design a transportation system for 2050, we must first envision what 2050 will look like.

  • How many people will call Ada and Canyon Counties “home”?
  • Where will they live, work, and play?
  • Will growth be concentrated in certain areas or spread out?
  • What will happen to our farmland and open space?
  • Will we continue to use large malls and parking lots, or will home deliveries make those obsolete?
  • How will technology change our lifestyle?
  • Where should growth be planned to support expanded public transit?

Taking into account these issues and much more, the Communities in Motion 2050 (CIM 2050) Vision depicts how and where the two counties are forecasted to grow. In doing so, it provides the foundation for Communities in Motion 2050.

What are the key things I should know about the Communities in Motion 2050 Vision?

  • It was developed based on input from residents of Ada and Canyon Counties gathered through three public surveys.
  • It is based on a 2050 forecasted two-county population of 1,075,000 developed by the COMPASS Demographic Advisory Workgroup.
  • New households and jobs are concentrated near activity centers and planned transit routes to support walking, biking, and access to public transit.
  • Growth is focused within areas of city impact, preserving over 90% of current farmland and open space.
  • It supports Communities in Motion 2050 goals of providing safety, convenience, economic vitality, and quality of life for all residents.
Population growth increases by an estimated 37% by 2050 in Ada and Canyon counties.

CIM 2050 Vision Map

This map depicts how and where Ada and Canyon Counties are forecasted to grow. Find more details, including descriptions of neighborhood types and anticipated population growth per city and county, in the full CIM 2050 Vision Map.

2050 Vision map

Take a deep dive into how COMPASS forecasts growth and demographics.

See how COMPASS used your input to develop the CIM 2050 Vision.